Trash It Or Treasure It: Because You Can't Keep Everything

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Author: Alison May

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 278

Release Date: 12-09-2019

Details: Ah clutter! Aren’t you just the bane of all our lives?

Though Vintage Housekeeping as a way of life is abundant with blessings, one really mustn’t make the mistake of confusing blessings with clutter because there is nothing quite so ugly or draining on the soul as drowning in a sea of all that you imagine might come in useful one day…

You see, I am here to tell you, my Darling, that having a stash of used carrier bags won’t save your life. Starting, but never finishing many a journal before moving on to the next for a “fresh start” won’t keep divorce or disaster from your door. Hoarding clothes that fitted you when you were sixteen won’t mean you will find the incentive to slim back into them before you are sixty and owning thirty three bottles of shampoo won’t turn a bird’s nest into a bouffant.

I’m sorry, but there it is. Life is cruel and cluttering up your brain with all this nonsense isn’t helping a jot.

And so I hereby invite you to join me on the journey to a house where there is room to breath new ideas into your day. A home where you can see the wood for the trees and the kitchen counter for the scrumptious loveliness that is the empty surface!

You see I believe that the creative souls we dream of being are desperately stifled by all the nonsense we surround ourselves with in the name of inspiration. We fail at achieving domestic bliss because we have to navigate our way through so much domestic debris. Clutter spells neglect, neglect spells exhaustion and exhaustion my Darlings, halts creativity and the possibility of owning the kind of home we can be proud of, right there in it’s tracks. We might as well crawl under the duvet with a packet of malted milk and rot…

But no more! No more I say: from today we will go to war, not just on clutter itself but on the ridiculous habits that cultivate it and the muddled old emotions that have us wrapping ourselves up in yet more of this and a whole l

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