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The Life Less Ordinary Workbook

Welcome to the Life Less Ordinary Workbook - a seven day course designed to help you identify what it is that is standing between you and a life less ordinary and how you can banish those things from your life that no longer fit and replace them with more authentic goals and actions.

This is a 40 page printable designed to guide you through seven days of change. It is quite possible that you will find this one of the trickiest and most emotionally challenging of many of my programs and that is a good thing: we cannot create real change unless we are willing to do the deep work involved in truly squinting into the darkest recesses of our soul in order to identify those things that either no longer resonate with us, or simply don't fit into our vision of the future.

So make a commitment to yourself to work through the program over the course of seven days, at least once a year, and truly begin to understand the journey to your most authentic self...

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