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Are YOU Ready To Live A Life Less Ordinary?

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You See BrocanteHome Isn't a Website..

It's a way of life, and when you join my gorgeous community of women on the path to a life less ordinary of their own, you too will discover why routine, ritual and true authenticity make all the difference to those of us who know, deep within our hearts, that there is more to domesticity than simply spinning plates and scrubbing floors.

For home can, and should be a spring-board for our souls. A place where we can grow, raise our children and honor our relationships. A place where we can be ourselves.

Welcome Home. I am so glad you are here.

Alison May
Founder of BrocanteHome.Net

What's Included In My Salon Membership?

  • Instant access to all my existing planners, downloads and series and to all the content I create during the course of your membership (including EVERYTHING HERE and so much more!)

  • Instant access to my exclusive Housekeeper's Calendar and my life-changing Trello system for organizing each and every aspect of your domestic life from planning Christmas to creating monthly menus, creating mission lists and planning personal routines and rituals.  

  • Monthly challenges, worksheets and dedicated group forums to help you create a life less ordinary of your own.

  • A one hour, optional Pep-Talk with Alison to help you get started in the Salon and establish your own set of domestic goals.

  • Our very own Netflix of Loveliness, curating all those videos from around the internet that help us become the bestest versions of ourselves. 

  • Salon only bullet journal pages, inspirational whispers, recommended reading and homemaker's apps, vintage stories and exclusive printables.

  •  Three salon only blogs by Alison (including the rather fabulous SHINE program), as well as the opportunity to create your own blog posts to share your journey towards a life less ordinary with the community.   

  • And of course access to our private, friendly Facebook group where together we mark our days with routine, ritual and teeny, tiny celebration!

Get Organised

Feeling organised is the key to domestic freedom and I have got all the tools and resources you need to bring routine and ritual to every aspect of your life. 

Feel Inspired

With access to all the downloads, planners and courses I have ever created you will find all the inspiration you need to start living the BrocanteHome way.

Create a lifestyle

Whether you want to re-invent your living space, find your Muse or banish your clutter, the Brocante Salon will show you the way and my lovely community will give you a helping hand. .

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