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Enamelware Coffee Pot

Enamelware Coffee Pot

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Antique French Enamelware Coffee Pot with Lid
Hand-painted, teal blue, raised enamel, c. 1880
Made in Europe

Dimensions: 10" H x 9" W (from handle to spout;) 3 5/8" diameter at the opening and 5" diameter at the bottom

Original; not a reproduction.

This is a very fine and beautiful hand-painted enamelware coffee pot, with lovely raised flowers on the front as well as on the back. Hand-painted enamelware pieces were considered luxury items, even in their day. They were very expensive to produce as skilled artists painted each piece free-hand. It was a long and meticulous process as each color had to be painted separately and fired in the kiln, before the next color could be added. 

The handle is riveted, not soldered, to the body; this was a technique only discovered after 1910. In addition, the base was added separately. Both of these details point to this cafetiere's age dating to the early period of enamelware production in the second half of the 19th century.

This is indeed a rare and exceptional little coffee pot, especially given its excellent condition. Its colors are as lively and vibrant as the day it was made. This coffee pot is a must-have for any collector of hand-painted enamelware. Please note that, sometime in the past, touch-ups where hand-painted on the lid, handle and bottom edge (please see photos).