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Housekeeping 365

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Over the years so many of you have asked for a more prescriptive solution your Housekeeping woes so please allow me to introduce my all-new 365 Housekeeping system: a day-by day, task-by-task guide to keeping house the Brocante way…

Over the past twelve months I have kept a housekeepers diary of sorts, noting the cleaning, sorting and tidying tasks I have undertaken daily and listing the kind of ritualistic puttery treats I have enjoyed all year round, and from these admittedly scrappy notes, my 365 Housekeeping system has developed into a sturdy, prescriptive system for homemaking, for those of you who just don’t want to have to think about it!

When you buy Housekeeping 365 you will receive 365 days of housekeeping tasks, homemaking routines and daily puttery treats in one downloadable, online editable PDF, so you can tick off each task as you complete it and task by task work your way towards a more organised way of life…

Each and every day of the year there are nine small, routine, housekeeping tasks and one utterly scrumptious ritual puttery treat. With no date specified on each page you can start the system whenever you feel like it (though the system is designed to commence on a Monday), then simply work through the tasks day by day, even, should you be feeling particularly rebellious, jumping a day or six ahead should you not be feeling up to that’s days tasks and in the mood for something else. For my darlings, as long as you have ticked every box by the years end, it really won’t matter which route you have taken to domestic bliss!

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