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Lilabean: A Storybook about Simplicity for Grown-Up Girls

Lilabean: A Storybook about Simplicity for Grown-Up Girls

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Author: Kate Carpenter

EISBN: 9780971741119

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 52

Publisher: Bean Pot Press

Details: Accompany Lilabean on her journey to self-discovery, where she is FINALLY able to leave behind all the physical, mental, and emotional clutter that has been burying her alive. Easy to read, simple to understand, but life-changing in the complexity of its message. A VERY good use of your valuable time!

"Lilabean is a beautifully-written book. It touched my heart, simply and directly. This book will appeal to any woman (or man) who has ever felt overwhelmed by life, who has ever felt lost on her life's journey, who has ever wanted to simplify her life. [Kate Carpenter] has captured the true essense of simplicity." - Linda Breen Pierce, Author of Choosing Simplicity: Real People Finding Peace and Contentment in a Complex World.

"Lilabean is a delightful romp, a satiric yet incisive look at everywoman's life. In this cluttered and time-pressured era of too much stuff and too many obligations, too many people have lost their way and themselves. Lilabean helps you get back on track. - Wanda Urbanska, Simple Living Expert, Author & Host of "Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska."