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Luxe Vintage

Luxe Vintage

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Author: Tahn Scoon

ISBN: 1742578403

Number Of Pages: 160

Publisher: New Holland Publishers


‘Luxe Vintage’ is a lush, rich, densely packed book, focusing on how to achieve relaxed but luxurious interiors by way of layering textures and color, adding the right decorative details, mixing high and low pieces, and utilizing pre-loved pieces and more.

The book is divided up into chapters focusing on layering with love, luxury in the details, embracing pre-loved, the paintbox, a fashionable influence, happiness at home, little ones and garden parties.

With simple and whimsical projects and styles accompanied with descriptive and instructional text and lots of beautiful luxurious images. Luxe Vintage is the perfect handbook assistant for home decor.

(Tahn Scoon)