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Moon Juice - Organic + Wildcrafted Intimate Warming Potion

Moon Juice - Organic + Wildcrafted Intimate Warming Potion

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Brand: Moon Juice


  • A Lusty Adaptogen To Ignite, Excite + Cultivate The Sexual Flow In Both Men & Women
  • This Ancient, Warming Elixir Sends Waves Of Sensitivity + Power To All The Right Places, As It Supports Your Primordial Energy + Vital Essence. A Holistic Approach To Deeply Nourished Sexual Vigor, Supports Not Only The Bedroom Flow But Your Highest Creative Potential
  • Moon Juice Represents A Healing Force, An Etheric Potion, A Cosmic Beacon For Those Seeking Out Beauty, Wellness & Longevity
  • Low Glycemic, Organic + Wildcrafted Ingredients


Moon Juice celebrates the unadulterated, exquisite flavors and healing force of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts, and seaweeds as daily nourishment, beauty tools, and high-powered natural remedies. They are a tangible touchstone for a community excited about a new way of living.


Also known as horny goat weed, this herb is believed to help increase blood flow, assist in improving sexual function, as well as arouse sexual desires.

Ho Sho Wu

Also known as fo-ti, this herb contains alkaloids that are believed to help rejuvenate nerve / brain cells and endocrine glands while increasing your energy level and stimulating sexual vigor.


An adaptogenic herb used in Chinese medicine for centuries, it is well known for its ability to promote mental alertness and clarity, act as a potent antioxidant and liver protectant, as well as help provide glowing / radiant skin.


This herb stimulates hormone secretion and the release of neurotransmitters that help enhance libido. It is also believed that this herb can prevent kidney-deficiency induced impotence and premature ejaculation.


A natural substance formed by decomposition of plants that restores energy and cognitive stimulation. It is also commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine for its anti-aging and rejuvenating properties.