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Sexy + Soul-full: A Woman's Guide to Productivity

Sexy + Soul-full: A Woman's Guide to Productivity

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Author: Tara Rodden Robinson

Edition: 1

EISBN: 9780996472630

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 184

Publisher: St. Michael's Press


What if love was your highest priority? What if your to-do list began with this commitment: "I will give highest priority to what I love most"? Sounds radical, doesn't it? If you're like most women, you tend to over-commit, saying "yes" to everything - with family, work and other activities jostling for your attention.  You hear the message that society expects you to do and have it all, yet you're spread too thin. Whatever happened to your true self and authentic aspirations? In Sexy + Soul-full, Tara Rodden Robinson, Ph.D. examines this syndrome with humor and honesty, through the lens of her personal story and insights gained as a professional coach.  She encourages you to look deeply into your life and (re)discover what you love most. Then, to make time for what you love, she teaches you the secrets of the alchemy of time. You will learn to convert scarcity into enough, urgency into ease and impatience into equanimity. Sexy + Soul-full will guide you through examples, reflections and exercises designed to help you define productivity-and success-on your own fully feminine terms.