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Vittoria Cottage

Vittoria Cottage

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Author: D. E. Stevenson

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 258

Publisher: Endeavour Press

Details: Since being widowed, Caroline Dering has been content to live her life solely for her children: her beloved son, James, due back soon from Malaya, and her daughters, Leda and Bobbie.

Then the mysterious Robert Shepperton arrives in the village.

At first, Caroline's gentle heart is simply touched by his obvious unhappiness; until gradually she finds her sympathy turning into love.

But the visit of her lovely younger sister, Harriet, to Vittoria Cottage, throws Caroline into a turmoil — because Harriet also falls for Mr. Shepperton …

It was not until now, when she thought she had lost Robert, that Caroline discovered how much he meant to her … she looked back and tried to determine exactly when her friendship for him had grown into love.

But it seemed to Caroline that she had loved him always.

She loved him in all sorts of different ways: she admired his character and enjoyed his humour, she felt an immense tenderness towards him and her heart beat faster when he was there. These feelings were so strong that they were difficult to disguise …

But with her beloved, glamorous sister Harriet evidently winning his friendship and admiration, what can be done …?

Vittoria Cottage is a charming Scottish romance. It is followed by Music in the Hills and Shoulder the Sky.

Praise for D E Stevenson

‘Consistently charming’ The Times

‘Mistress of the light novel’ The Times

D. E. Stevenson (1892–1973), Dorothy Emily Peploe (married name) was a Scottish author of more than 40 light romantic novels. Her father was the lighthouse engineer David Alan Stevenson, first cousin to the author Robert Louis Stevenson.